The St Clair Group, Inc.

Established in 1991 to assist healthcare providers in achieving compliance with coding and billing regulations.

St Clair’s mission is to provide consulting services to customers in the healthcare industry and to assure them a quality product and excellent services. Its vision is to be recognized in the industry as “The Standard” in providing quality and excellence.

In pursuit of its healthcare mission and vision, St Clair performs the following comprehensive range of financial consulting services: inpatient/outpatient physician practice coding & billing reviews and associated educational services, contract coding, admission medical necessity reviews, Medicare appeal of RAC or MAC “claim denials”, charge description master reviews, medical record chart documentation reviews, and Medicare home medical supply billing documentation reviews.

St Clair produces results!

Since 1991, St Clair has served more than 400 healthcare clients across the United States. During 25+ years of business, St. Clair has reviewed the coding/billing of over 460 thousand cases/claims resulting in revenue recoveries that exceed twenty-four (24) million for its healthcare clients.

St Clair provides detailed reports about any clinical coding and/or billing changes that it recommends regardless of the revenue impact. Thus, you will have everything that you need to improve accuracy in your clinical coding and billing operations, and comply with the applicable CMS regulations.

In achieving its mission and vision objectives, St Clair relies on a dynamic group of board-certified physicians and AHIMA-credentialed HIM professionals to perform financial consulting services for its healthcare clients.