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Consultants and trusted advisors, we have many years experience working for commercial and government organisations in New Zealand and overseas. Advising on financial market structures, assisting with project delivery, business strategy, communication, organisational development and transformation.

Louise Roberton


A senior manager and consultant for over 20 years, Louise is focused on project management, business strategy, communication and change

  • Managing complex work programmes and projects, leading strategy development

  • Deploying communication and change management capabilities to deliver successful adoption of new systems, processes and change.

  • Managing and influencing teams, leading through change, and driving to strategic objectives through effective planning, delivery, stakeholder engagement and relationship management.

  • Applying strong financial and technical skills to identify and understand business impacts

See details of Louise's professional experience here

John Young


A chartered member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors, John has extensive knowledge of the finance sector, having spent nearly 30 years working for investment banks, asset management organisations and government agencies.

  • Strong analytical, research and project management skills and an in-depth understanding of policy issues.

  • Comprehensive investment experience in interest rates, credit, equity, derivative, foreign exchange, and emerging markets.

  • Knowledge and application of governance issues - best practice and frameworks.

  • A highly effective project manager, developing and managing internal and external stakeholder relationships

See details of John's professional experience here

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